How to choose the right gaming keyboard

by Kim Kayoon, Wraek Marketing Lead

What is a gaming keyboard and why do people buy it? A gaming keyboard is an advanced keyboard that maximizes the gaming experience. It commonly enables faster reaction and has macros that let you customize the keys. Furthermore, gaming keyboards usually fulfil gamers’ demands for a stylish design. Do you get excited when you see a cool gaming keyboard and want to buy one? Are you not sure about the right standard when you are buying one? Here are some tips that you can consider.

Image of a mechanical gaming keyboard. Pixabay: ExplorerBob

1. Switches

You can first decide whether you want a mechanical keyboard or a membrane keyboard. A membrane-based switch requires a higher pressure for a key to be registered and the keycaps cannot be customized. However, it can provide slimmer keycaps and smoother transition. On the other hand, a mechanical-based switch is less fatiguing as it does not have to be fully pressed to be registered. In other words, mechanical keys require less pressure compared to membrane keys. Hence, mechanical switches are more tactile and provide a faster response time. The texture of the keyboard can be linear or tactile, and clicky or silent, which describes a bump and sound of a switch.

A few examples of famous brands of keyboard switches are Cherry, Kailh, Bloody and Roccat. You can choose a perfect key for you after you consider the behaviour, feel, actuation force, actuation point, total travel distance, sound level and lifespan. Each brand and each type of switch has unique characteristics, making gaming keyboards personalisable.

2. Purpose

Are you a gamer? If you are considering to purchase a gaming keyboard, you probably are. As a gamer, you likely spend some time playing games. Do your wrist and hands get tired often while you are playing a game? Then, one important factor to consider may be how ergonomic the keyboard is. Ergonomic keyboards give less strain on your body and provide a more comfortable gaming experience in a long-term. Ergonomic keyboards are designed more naturally to reduce the injury and fit the shape of wrists and arms. Otherwise, if you do not spend much time pressing keyboards, you may not emphasise this.

3. Wired vs Wireless

Your decision between wired and wireless keyboard may depend on how competitive you are. Wireless keyboards look neater and are easier to bring around. Besides, they can be used at a farther distance. The main advantage of using a wireless keyboard is its convenience. However, wireless keyboards have a battery to be charged and have a lag time. On the other hand, the wired keyboard has an instantaneous response and does not require a battery. However, it has a troublesome cord. In general, gamers prefer a wired mechanical keyboard which allows a quicker response.

4. Price

A price of a gaming keyboard can go as low as $10 and as high as $200. The quality of switches used, design and brand affect the pricing of a product. Depending on the quality of a keyboard that you expect, a pricing point can differ a lot. As a first time buyer who just wants to try out, you may buy a keyboard around $50. However, if you want a quality gaming keyboard from a renowned brand, you may invest more than $100 on a gaming keyboard. You may make a wise and reasonable decision based on your expectations.

5. Design

The design of a gaming keyboard can make your mood different. Colour, size, design of keycaps, lightings and shape can be the main factors to consider. Backlit gaming keyboard can be customized based on your preference, but others may differ by a greater extent depending on which keyboard you are purchasing. Number of keys, availability of extra function keys and software may be additional features that you may consider.

To sum up, there are mainly five criteria that you can consider when you are buying a gaming keyboard. If you are a novice gamer who is not sure which gaming equipment to buy with, a gaming keyboard is a good start. It is the most common yet worthwhile tool to improve your performance. You may gradually level up to buy more niche products.

Wraek is a gaming hardware and software start-up that strives to build a strong gamer community. Wraek is currently focusing on designing an innovative gaming keyboard with additional features to make the gaming experience more immersive.

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